Local Organizing Committee: 

Sonja Chen, University of Calgary

Kim Huynh, Bank of Canada

Douglas McClintock, University of Calgary

Apostolos Serletis (Chair), University of Calgary 

Atsuko Tanaka, University of Calgary 

Alexander Whalley, University of Calgary

Program Co-Chairs:

Apostolos Serletis, University of Calgary

Stephen Spear, Carnegie Mellon University 

Invited Session Organizers:

Jane Binner, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Gabriel Bruneau, Bank of Canada, 

Evangelos Charalambakis, Bank of Greece, Greece 

Alexander Chernoff, Bank of Canada

Dean Croushore, University of Richmond 

Wei Dai, University of British Columbia – Okanagan

Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia

John Elder, Colorado State University 

Ugochi Emenogu, Bank of Canada 

Muna Esheba, University of Calgary 

Guohua Feng, University of North Texas 

Sebastian Fossati Pereira, University of Alberta 

Ling-Yun HE, Jinan University, China 

Hylton Hollander, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Kim Huynh, Bank of Canada 

Monica Jain, Bank of Canada

Fredj Jawadi, University of Lille, France 

Arthur Jonath, Profit and Entropy

Arthur B. Kennickell, Stone Center, City University of New York  

Eungsik Kim, University of Kansas

Subal Kumbhakar, Binghamton University 

Greg Kurtzon, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Jinan Liu,* University of Nebraska at Omaha 

Zhentong Lu, Bank of Canada

Jacques Mairesse, CREST, UNU-MERIT, NBER, and Banque de France 

Ryan Mattson, West Texas A&M University 

Katarzyna Nawrot, Poznan University, Poland 

Sajjadur Rahman, Texas A&M University – San Antonio 

Apostolos Serletis,* University of Calgary 

Victor Valcarcel, University of Texas – Dallas 

Ben Wang, Macquarie University, Australia 

Libo Xu, Lakehead University, Canada 


*Planning to organize more than one invited session.

Contributed Session Organizers: 

Christiane Baumeister, University of Notre Dame: 

Energy markets, Forecasting, Structural VARs, Dynamic factor models, Time-varying parameter models, Monetary policy, Bayesian methods.

Alberto Bucci, University of Milan, Italy: 

The role of recent financial changes in economic growth and the role of health, human capital, and demographic changes in economic development. 

Cathy Buffington, U.S. Census Bureau: 

Business technology (adoption, use, productivity, etc.); Alternate data for business statistics (third party, administrative); Alternate methods for economic measurement (ML, NLP, etc.); and measuring business dynamics.

Nikolaos Charalampidis, Université Laval, Canada:

Applied macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Bayesian estimation of DSGE models, Learning in macroeconomics.

Dean Croushore, University of Richmond: 

Real-time data analysis, Macroeconomic forecasting, GDP measurement, Monetary policy.

Domenico Delli Gatti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore:

Asset based modeling, Monetary economics, Macroeconomics.

Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia: 

Measurement of preferences, production functions, productivity, and price indexes. Construction of price indexes for seasonal products. Price index theory.

Balazs Egert, OECD Economics Department: 

International economics, Economic growth, Economic consequences of Covid and exchange rate economics.

Neil Ericsson, Federal Reserve Board:

Theoretical and applied econometrics, Forecasting, Monetary economics, International economics, Policy analysis, Climate change, Machine learning, Text analysis and natural language processing.

Max Gillman, University of Missouri – St. Louis:

Monetary economics, Macroeconomics, Financial intermediation and banking, DSGE modelling, Growth and human capital.

John Elder, Colorado State University: 

Energy economics, Oil prices and the macroeconomy, and Applied time series econometrics. 

Makram El-Shagi, Henan University, China:

Monetary policy, Macroeconomics.

Muna Esheba, University of Calgary:

Distance functions and productivity and efficiency measurement.

Guohua Feng, University of North Texas:

Production and consumer demand modelling, Index number theory and aggregation methods.

Xuezhong (Tony) He, University of Technology Sydney, Australia:

Asset pricing, Market microstructure, Financial market modelling, Nonlinear dynamics in economics and finance.

Fredj Jawadi, University of Lille, France:

Financial and economic dynamics.

Konstantinos Karantininis, SLU-Alnarp, Sweden:

Agricultural economics

Andrew Keinsley, Weber State University:

Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Macroeconomic aspects of public finance.

Gabriella Legrenzi, Keele University, England:

Fiscal policy, International finance, Energy economics.

Catalina Martinez, Institute of Public Goods and Policies (CSIC-IPP), Madrid, Spain:

Measurement of science, Technology and innovation performance.

Michael W. McCracken, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:

Forecasting, Econometrics, Time series.

Elmar Mertens, Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany:

Time series macro, with emphasis on Bayesian methods, unobserved components models, time-varying parameters, and stochastic volatility.

Alessandra Michelangeli, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy:

Urban and regional economics, Public economics, Multidimensional well-being and inequality.

Flaviana Palmisano, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy:

Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility: measurement and perception; causes and consequences.

Xiao Qiao, City University of Hong Kong:

Asset pricing, Financial econometrics, Machine learning.

Mala Raghavan, University of Tasmania, Australia:

Monetary economics, International economics, Macroeconomic policies, and Time series and VAR modelling framework.

Apostolos Serletis, University of Calgary:

Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Emerging market economies.

Rachel Soloveichik, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Illegal/non-observed economy, Capital and natural resources measurement, and “free” content.

Philip Vermeulen, European Central Bank:

Income and wealth measurement, Price index measurement. 

Ilya B. Voskoboynikov, HSE University, Moscow:

Industry growth accounting, Productivity measurement, Emerging and transition economies.

Ben Wang, Macquarie University, Australia:

Economics of uncertainty.

Alexander Whalley, University of Calgary:

Labour, Innovation, Economic History, Urban Economics.

Libo Xu, Lakehead University, Canada:

International energy markets, Asset prices and economic fluctuations.

Saeed Zaman, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland:

Forecasting macroeconomic indicators, Nowcasting inflation and/or real variables, Bayesian econometrics, Empirical macroeconomic estimation of long-run trends.