We are organizing a day trip to Sunshine Village in the majestic Banff National Park (one of the most beautiful locations in the world). The day trip will take place on Sunday August 14, 2022.

This trip will include a return bus ride from the International House at the University of Calgary to the base of Sunshine Village in Banff (approximately 2 hours from Calgary), then a 4.6 km gondola ride up to Sunshine Village. Sunshine Village is located near the top of the Great Divide in the Canadian Rockies and the views and hiking trails are absolutely spectacular. In fact, the trails at Sunshine Village were listed as Canada’s #1 hike on the Lonely Planet website. To see more of the panoramic views and hiking trails, please click on the link Banff Sunshine Meadows. If you have never been to the Canadian Rockies, this is a trip of a lifetime.

We are in the early stages of organizing this trip so the final price per person has not yet been determined. However, we are expecting an all-inclusive price to be between Can$150 and Can$175 per person, depending on how many people sign up. Family members are also welcome. The price also includes a BBQ lunch at the Sunshine Village resort.

In sum, the trip includes:

  1. A return bus fare from the University of Calgary to the Sunshine Village resort in Banff National Park
  2. A gondola ride from the base of Sunshine Village to the Sunshine Village resort
  3. An afternoon of hiking (or just enjoying) the spectacular views of Sunshine Village and Banff National Park
  4. A lunch at the Sunshine Village resort.

If you are interested, please contact Doug McClintock at dmcclint@ucalgary.ca and book your seat. Spaces are limited so we need a confirmation by May 31, 2022. We will send out more information on payment options and bus schedules as we draw closer to the conference date.