SEM’s 2019 conference was held at Goethe University in Frankfurt with cosponsorship by the European Central Bank

The conference was also cosponsored by Goethe University, the University of Kansas, Carnegie Mellon University, the Center for Financial Stability in NY City, and the research center, SAFE, (“Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe”) at Goethe University.

Keynote speakers: 

Apostolos Serletis, University of Calgary, Canada, Presidential Address.
Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo,  Keynote Lecture
Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia, Keynote Lecture
Richard Blundell, University College London, Keynote Lecture
Arthur Lewbel, Boston College, Keynote Lecture
Helmut Lütkepohl, Free University of Berlin, Keynote Lecture

Organizing committee: 

The local organizing committee and the conference program committee are here.

Submissions and Program: 

Submissions were entered into Conference Maker.  The program is online here. The printed program can be downloaded as a pdf from here

Conference Location: 
Westend Campus of Goethe University.

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