All sessions, whether invited or contributed, will include four papers.  The deadline for society members to join the organizing committee is December 15, 2017.  The deadline for completed session proposals is to be announced. 
Local Organizing Committee: 

Zongwu Cai (Co-chair), University of Kansas and Xiamen University
Ming Lin (Co-chair), Xiamen University
Qingliang Fan, Xiamen University
Ying Fang, Xiamen University
Xiaoyi Han, Xiamen University
Can Yang, Xiamen University
Yu Zhang, Xiamen University
Yuzhe Zhang, Xiamen University
Tingguo Zheng, Xiamen University

Program Committee          Chairs:
W. A. Barnett, U. of Kansas, Lawrence, and Center for Financial Stability, NY City.
Stephen Spear, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
         Committee Members:Invited Sessions Organizers

Gaetano Antinolfi, Washington University,
W. A. Barnett, U. of Kansas, Lawrence, and Center for Financial Stability, NY City,
Zongwu Cai, University of Kansas and Xiamen University,
Sadullah Ã‡elik, Marmara University,
Dongfeng Chang, Shandong University,
Baoline Chen, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Washington, DC,
Francis Gross, European Central Bank,
Mohamed El-Hodiri, University of Kansas,
Makram El-Shagi, Henan University, China,
Fredj Jawadi, U. of Evry,
Arthur Kennickell, Federal Reserve Board,
Jacques Mairesse, ENSAE, Paris,
Alicia Rambaldi, University of Queensland, Australia,
Apostolos Serletis, University of Calgary, Canada,
Chihiro Shimizu, Nihon University, Tokyo,  
Stephen Spear, Carnegie Mellon University,
James Swofford, University of South Alabama,
Biyan Tang, University of San Diego,
Philip Vermeulen, European Central Bank,
Zhi Wang, George Mason University,
Can Yang, Xiamen University,
Jianbo Zhang, University of Kansas,
Nan Zhang, Hirosima Shudo University,
Tingguo Zheng, Xiaman University,
Contributed Sessions OrganizersGaetano Antinolfi, Washington University, Banking, monetary economics,
     financial economics, macroeconomics.
Zongwu Cai, University of Kansas and Xiamen University, Econometrics, quantitative finance,
     risk management, business analyatics and data science, nonlinear and nonstationary time series and
     their applications.
Ester Faia, Goethe University, Germany, macro-finance-banking,
Ying Fang, Xiamen University, Econometrics, applied econometrics, finance,
     economy of China.
Marek Kosny, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland, Household income and
     wealth, inequality, mobility, vulnerability, and economic security.
Ming Lin, Xiamen University,  Monte Carlo method, Bayesian analysis, Mathematical
     statistics, econometrics.
Wenqiang Meng, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Housing market, 
     macroeconmic policy.
Imen Ben Mohamed, Central Bank of the UAE and ENS-Cachan-Paris,
     Credit market imperfections and business cycles, labor market frictions and financial shocks. 
Claudio Morana, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca,  Advances in measuring
     macro-financial interactions.
Xiao Qiao, SummerHaven Investment Management,  Asset pricing and financial
Alicia Rambaldi, University of Queensland, Australia, Econometric and statistical methods,
     state space models accounting for cross-sectional/spatial correlation, housing and land prices, internationally
     comparable measures of income, household consumption, government expenditures, and gross capital
Philip Vermeulen, European Central Bank,  Measurement of  wealth and
     consumer price indexes.
Warren Young, Bar Ilon University, Tel Aviv,
     Economic history.
Tingguo Zheng, Xiaman University,  Macroeconometrics, financial econometrics, time
     series analysis.